Could Boston add Christian Wood or Kelly Oubre to the minimums? Two prominent NBA analysts pitch the idea

As available cap space around the NBA begins to dry up days after the league’s free agency period begins in 2023, players find themselves on the wrong end of the Association’s annual fiscal version of the game of musical chairs will have to find the best possible fit for their skills on a contract that is often much smaller than they initially hoped.

In such scenarios, it’s not uncommon for players to choose to sign a cut-price deal for the possibility of a role well beyond what their salaries would otherwise suggest, which should get fans’ attention. of the Boston Celtics.

And with a number of quality free agents considering minimum offers or perhaps part of a mid-level exception, NBA analysts have been trying to project where some of the biggest remaining names might go.

Such was the case during a recent episode of the ‘NBA Front Office’ podcast, in which hosts Keith Smith and Trevor Lane teamed up with Yahoo Sports reporter Jake Fischer to discuss where these players might land. once the dust has settled.

Smith touted the Celtics as a potential destination for unrestricted free agent forward Christian Wood to help bolster Boston’s injury-prone and aging frontcourt rotation.

“So we’re at a place where Christian Wood can land with (a potential title contender),” Smith said.

“Boston is looking for another big potential because they left Grant Williams. So you could at least replace with a guy like Christian Wood… you have the defensive infrastructure where you can probably minimize his flaws, the put it there without (Al) Horford, put it there with Rob Williams (III), probably not with Kristaps Porzingis.

“You’re probably bleeding too much in this situation,” the podcast host added in a nod to the potential defensive shake of such a frontline combo.

As for Oubre, Fischer asked, “Can he go to Boston as a bigger switch?” You mentioned during Williams (comment); that would be interesting for me.

“Thinking of the Celtics and the fact that yeah, they kind of have an opening in the frontcourt. But he can be a little ball four; I’d say those three (big ones on Boston’s roster) are centers at this The Al Horford shoot is interesting enough that you could play it with Rob the other, but Boston would make sense to me for him.

“I think so,” agreed Smith. “Oubre, basically anyone who needs a winger, they have to be top of the list.

With the Celtics expected to get the most out of every dollar spent under the new collective bargaining agreement, such signings would be total coups for the storied franchise.

Whether they can sell either talent using the opportunity like Dennis Schroder and Malik Monk have done in recent days remains the challenge, but it could very well make sense for everyone involved. .

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The story originally appeared on Celtics Wire

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